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BD-Design, designer and manufacturer of the famous Oris front horns and initiator to use front horns in combination with high sensitive full-range drive units for optimal performance. We started our company in 1996 and it has grown naturally due to increasing interest in the designs and development of extremely good sounding loudspeaker systems as our main products.

On our site, alongside specific information about our DIY productsFinished Loudspeakers and our own range of Audio Equipment, you will find our forum where you can find answers to your questions about our high quality products, or a range of other issues related to ultra-fidelity audio.

Other quality products like Duelund Coherent Audio, Feastrex, FostexVisaton, Lowther, Oris horns and more can be found here for DIY also or implemented within our completed loudspeaker systems.

To further inspire you, our Showroom gives details of some of the many installations of our products by customers around the world. Please enjoy browsing our site, and happy listening!

Note: This website will never be fully completed as more will be added in time and things change, we do not sit back and do nothing! Please stay tuned and contact us for more information if you can't find what you are looking for.

Bert Doppenberg