Roland Heinlein, Germany

I personally searched a long time for appropriate front horns. If you have a look to the market, you'll see that there is nothing which blends really good with "wide-band" drivers. For my ears (and soul) the only way - to listen to music - IS a wide-band system. All the details in music are totally there and clear.

For that job I have chosen the Lowther units, because of their natural sound-behavior. In the following years I always tried new cabinet solutions ( something is missing). I listened to the Audiovector, the TP1, the Bicors in combination with the Klipsch and I also experimented with "Sound - Walls" without cabinets at all. A result of all combinations was the fact, that nothing convinced me in general. In this time I also listened to these round "Accapella" Horns. The dynamic was dramatically amazing and the voices were ok too , but I listened to three different horns (divided sound..............).

If you are infected with this unspectacular clear and natural sounding Lowther's, I'm sure that you are not longer able to listen and believe in multi-speaker systems. A friend of mine ( the same crazy guy like me ) gave me the hint to try these front horns from Bert in the Netherlands ( he found an article in the "Klang & Ton" magazine ).

I visited his page: ( very good designed site !! ) and was still wondering why I haven't seen that before. After a few notes and the first travel to Nunspeet, I've ordered a pair of the Oris 150.

It did take a while but now I brought them up in my Living-room. At the first day I experimented with the "listening position" and different tubes in my Amp. I was surprised how less it sounds like "Horn-Speakers". My wife was also surprised , " This sounds as clear as the voice itself " she says.

I remember the last High-End event in Frankfurt. We've listened to a new expensive 4 - way speaker. After a while my wife says: "That was unsatisfying in all cases".............

You see, she also doesn't like compressed systems .............................................

Three important facts to the Oris 150 !!

  • There is no "Horn-coloration" at all.
  • The Oris only amplifies the music, nothing else.
  • The quality of your used driver is present - nothing else.

I'm a blessed guy, because Bert sold his well "burned-in" PM4A's. ( How lucky I was to get this "used" pair , because of saving this long period of grainy sound...........................................


How does it sound ?? Well, nice or good maybe excellent isn't enough to describe it truly. It doesn't sound at all. It is like the first row in the Concert-Hall.

From this point of view I can say: Don't waste your time with multi-way-systems any longer. It is the one of the best decisions for coming to Lowther and without compromises to the Oris / PM4A Combination. They are really made for each other.

But if you want to do so, please decide it fast. Maybe the Lowther-Guys in the UK are aware that these Drivers are too unique for this cheap price any longer....................

For the really deep section I use the "Phonogen" massive molded horn which blends great with the Oris ( sensitivity is almost the same ) I only need a 300B Triode amp. to feel the "Live - Level". In my "Listening Sessions" in Bert's home, I listened to the Lowther PM4A ( it's mine now ! ) and the Unison tube-amps. In addition to the Oris, he use an installed bass horn ( massive stone-horn integrated in his listening-room ). Really natural and Live - Great !

You may say, the PM4A's are expensive, but it is for sure the best sound quality and of course the best combination to the Oris. Compare it with a multi-speaker "High-End" system, then you'll see it's really a "special offer" ( Prices and Sound.............).