Jack Jackman, United Kingdom

I have had my Oris 150s for about a year now & good company they are to while away the time with. Some of you out there will know that I am an advocate of Paul Voigt & his work. It is my humble opinion that Bert, largely due to the advent of such materials as ABS, has taken Voigt's work to a finish. Putting the loudspeaker back together, the driver & it's flare.

If your looking here for facts & figures, pick a different review. If you are looking for the most musical experience that you can legally have in your front room, buy a pair. The rest of my system currently comprises of:

  • Linn Genki CD
  • Audionote P2SE feeding the Oris 150's then through a filter to Bert's 180 watt modules then to a pair of Voigt style folded bass pipes, my own design (however, I hear that Bert might be looking into the idea for all of you lucky people!)

All of which allows me to 'be there'. Only last night I was with Hendrix at Woodstock! If you can't get to meet Bert, then meet one of his speakers, both are very informative.


West Sussex, England