Gasper, Slovenia

I can not find the words to say how happy I am with the Oris 150. It was painful not to listen to the music properly. But that is not the main reason for my happiness - the best of all this is that we have The guy who made this horn. I would like to thanks Bert for all kind words, for all the patience, for all suggestions, for all his time and effort. Bert thanks again. How it sounds? - like heaven.

The loudspeakers so far:

  • BD-Design Oris 150/Lowther DX3/crown plugs
  • AT ATS corner horn/Beyma 15G350
  • Audio Note Kit One 300B SE main amp
  • Audio Aero Prima CD player
  • Kimber cable KCAG interconect (Noetrik pro RCA plugs) (0,5m)
  • Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable (9m)
  • Naim NAP 135 monoblocks for bass - Reference filter (1kOhm/3,2(1+2,2)uF + 10kOhm/0,15uF) - klotz cable
  • Townsheand Audio SesmicSink-like (air pillow) stand for equipment that fits to my needs...

Have a nice time all!