Steve Moore, USA

I started this hobby rather innocently. I was tired of the cheap system I had in college and decided to upgrade. I returned from the store with a receiver and a pair of B&W bookshelf speakers. I thought the sound was amazing. But, the upgrade bug bit me hard and I was soon trading up to ever more expensive equipment. I have since been through nearly every audio philosophy in regards to my system. I have owned high-powered solid-state amps with low efficiency tower speakers, huge tube amps with towers and electrostatic speakers, and single driver speakers with SET amps just to name a few combinations. Every method of sound reproduction had obvious shortcomings, however I found that simple is usually better. I found that I enjoyed the singe driver speaker sound, but the bass reproduction and dynamics left something to be desired. That is when I discovered Bert’s Oris horns.

I lusted after them from afar for nearly two years before I decided to take a chance and lay my money down. I haven’t regretted it a day since. They are the best of both worlds in my opinion. They have incredible dynamics and efficiency, and with the right bass solution they are very extended in the lower frequencies with great slam. Best of all, they retain that sense of realism that I love about single driver speakers. I didn’t understand the meaning of transparency until I heard my horns for the first time.

I am using a pair of Klipsch speakers as temporary bass cabinets and they are performing well, however I have recently ordered the BD15s and I intend to build the Oris 200 compact system. The electronics I use to drive the Oris horns are far from esoteric. I have an original Rega planet CD player as my main source and I am using an Antique Sound Lab MG15SIDT tube integrated as my main amp. I use an old Aragon 4004mkII 250W solid-state amp to drive the bass cabinets. All of these components cost me around $1500 US total, but with the Oris horns my humble electronics sound better than the $10,000US systems I have owned in the past.

Thanks Bert, you have changed the direction of my audio addiction for good.