John Kalinowski, USA (Update)

Oris array using Fostex FE208E Sigma, T900A tweeters and Eminence Sig Pro 18" woofers in Imperial back loaded horns... Their sound is very dynamic and sounds good threw out the room or house... :)

The bass is deep and detailed with much pressure, even at low volume, with a nice sweet spot. You can sit off-axis and still have an image. This is my 6th Oris horn project and by far the best.

Those imperials have increased size to fit the dual 18" woofers.When I move to another house I just might build another pair and run 2 per side, now they keep up easy with the 45 SET 2 Watts on the Oris array. The qaud turned out much better than expected, its truly a fun music making machine. The bass has to be experienced to believe the detail and the amount of power without room resonance problems.

I have tried 2, 3 and 4 Oris 150 horns per side, depending on the used drivers the Quad array reaches 100Hz flat, slight roll-off after but useable down to 40Hz. The array can be used as a complete speaker without woofers, I was really surprised at this while testing this. I cross between 60-110Hz, still trying this out but 90Hz seems to be the best cut-off frequency. My tri-horn with 2 Oris 150 per channel reached 80Hz with roll-off and are usable down to 70Hz.

The angle is really important and has to be just right or it will sound like a bunch of drivers and not a seamless whole. It is hard to mount the Oris horns in such an array, they need to be modded for both Fostex drivers and the horns specify mounted but it sure was worth the effort. They blow me away and sound better than AG Trio...

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