Don Reid, USA

When I visualized the Oris 150 horns with bright bronze phase plugs and bright brass diffusion crowns it brought to my mind images of 1890s science fiction/fantasy apparatus such as movie maker's conceptions of H.G. Wells time machine or devices aboard Jules Verne's Nautilus. I decided to try to capture that feeling with my Oris Horns and their stands. Using parts gleaned during three afternoons spent going through scrap brass at a big scrap metal yard and teak left over from a project on my sailboat I put together my retro Oris Horn/AER driver/Klipsch corner bass horn/tube amp/DEQX crossover system.


The look is, hopefully, 1890s. The sound is very 21st century and wonderful. The pictures were made where the horns are temporarily located in our TV den until the sound room is remodeled including the addition of 38mm of MDF to the walls to make it more Klipsch corner horn friendly.