Torben Marthinsen, Norway

I'm quite happy now - finally I start to listen to music and that's important (not only tweaking)

I have actually a 4 way system now with Fostex T925A crossed first order with Jensen copper oil/silver 1uF capacitor - amplified with 300B Western E 2x6watt, my 400Hz Kevlar DIY tractrix horn loaded with TAD4001 crossed first order in 16 ohm with a Danish Duelund silk in oil capacitor 15uF (very good caps) - amplified with 2A3 tubes 2x3watt, Oris 150 horn with Fostex FE206E coated to have more slam and I have removed the HF center paper cone because I use it only to about 600Hz - amplified with 300B Western E 2x6watt (same as T925A), double Klipsch DIY horn's in each corner loaded with Lambda 15" apollo magnet, powered with class -D amp 400 watt in 4 ohm each channel.

The sound is fast and alive and very punchy, this system plays drums live better than any system I have heard up to now. Higher women voices can be a bit to forward over time, deeper voices sound great and life like. In this regards I think the DIY tractrix horn I made is slightly too small/short but that's fine. I already have some new ideas there, I will not leave the TAD4001 because that driver is just a knock off in the right horn. I have also found somebody making 320hz horns for TAD4001, about same size as Oris 200.