Brian Garforth, United Kingdom

Photo shows that we combine listening to music with watching movies, two systems, the music system consists of:

  • DIY PC with fanless PSU running Foobar2000
  • Naim CD5 DIY turntable with modified arm
  • Twindac+ connected to PC via USB
  • WAD DIY KLPP1 pre-amp WAD
  • DIY KaT88 power amp
  • Cardos Quadlink-5C speaker cable
  • Oris 200 horns with AER MD1 drivers
  • BD30 amps Onken cabinet (collected from Calais) with Vifa drivers

Movie system consists of:


  • Barco Graphics 808s projector
  • 1.3 gain screen
  • Panasonic RP82 DVD with SDI mod
  • Lumagen Vison Pro scaler
  • JVC D-VHS player


  • Lexicon MC-1 controller
  • Parasound HCA1205A 5 channel amp
  • Avalon Symbol front speakers
  • WAD KLS10 DIY rear speakers
  • KEF 200c centre Velodyne
  • SPL1200 Sub
  • Auralex room treatment

...and finally I have a 50w amp driving two "bass shakers" attached to the settee so I can get from "tingly" to "Oh my gosh" in one sitting.