Francis Kam, Hong Kong

My Oris 200 Compact setup...

First the plywood for the base box and cut to the Compact box dimension. I couldn't get 32mm board, so I had to do 3/4" board + 1/2" board glued and nailed together; quite clumsy :-)

Given the way the boards are overlapped with each other, the dimensions need be adjusted accordingly and I failed to do that initially only to find out they don't match during assembling. I wasted the boards and needed to re-cut. So one has to walk through the Compact box PDF carefully and work out the dimensions precisely before cutting.

Glue the boards to make up 32mm boards; I used a nail gun and that helped a lot.

Here it is completed; it's not easy to make the angled sawing; I did it real badly so I have to make up the surface with a lot of paste; incidentally, I did too good a job on the holes to the extent that the 15" driver won't fit. :-) Too tight and a lot of sanding afterwards.

Here's the horn's assembly. Note the bricks. It's 6 kg! It's tricky to glue it, I read Bert's instructions about 10 times before laying my hands on it. The 30 seconds glue are really 30 seconds, be quick doing that. Some rehearsal is necessary. The glue really holds the horn, which initially I didn't believe it would.

To protect the environment, I set up a tent to do the paint job. It took me 4 nights to finish the painting. I need to sand it well. The primer helps with the sanding. A lot of patience. I put on primer, few layers of white paint, and then clear coat, and then some car wax.

Then it comes to sitting the horn on the sub. I didn't want to build the stand. So I came up with "sand bag". It sits well on my sand bag. Sand can absorb vibration. I think it makes up a good horn stand over my sub.

Finally, I can sit down and listen to music. I drive my front-horn with a EL34 push-pull amp. The driver is my old FE206E I took out from the Voigt Pipe behind. The sub's are driven by S100 transistor AMP 100W x 2. Filter is RCRC 2nd order. Bert answered all my questions and thks a lot for the Oris design. It sounds great but I still have a lot to tune, also thks to those folks on on phasing, positioning, etc. and existing Oris horn owners who share their experience.