Rolf Wiechmann, Germany (Updated)

The ORIS 150 still used with the Fostex but now with an 38cm woofer in 170 ltr. basreflex cabinet.

Running down to 25 Hz in the livingroom.


The other equipment:

  • amplifier for ORIS a Phatos Logos and for the woofer an deton transistor amp
  • activ crossover 150 Hz 12 dB only for the woofer, ORIS is without filter
  • CD Player Arcam CD 192
  • Tuner Arcam T 61
  • Turntable Acoustic Signature Challange with Rega B300 and Benz system located on a sicomin plate

This step was an further improvement of sound, I enjoy it and looking forward to the next steps, maybe the AERs.

Regards Rolf from Germany, Erlangen

Here is a picture of my first solution with ORIS 150, Fostex FE 206 and a DIY woofer with Peerless 217T.