Tom Lester, Canada

The bass reference cabinet was made by Andy Lankester and he arranged to have my horns painted Cadillac White!

My system consists of:

  • DPS/ Schroeder II /Zyx Arys 3 Custom K and K Audio passive preamp w/ phono (by Kevin Carter)
  • Welborne active crossover Bryston 2 Bst bass amp
  • Yamamoto A-08 Signature 45 amp
  • Oris 150 horns with AER drivers BD-Design reference bass cabinets with Altec Lansing 16" 416a drivers
  • Tonian R2 tweeters -------> Fostex 500a tweeters wired in parallel.

I have owned well over 30 systems in my life (way too many!) and there is NO system that comes even close to this one in terms of capturing the essence of live music!

Tom Lester