Carsten Ebbinghaus, Germany (Update)

The two beauty´s ( Horns) do their job with the Altec 416 8b in the VOT case. This is very fine. I get inspired by Jim de Kort´s side. He has some nice preamps. So I build my own 26 pre( very hard to eliminate hum!!). The Xover works with 4 of 6SN7. I use two Poweramp both "SE" without feedback. for the bass one with a choke loaded C3g and a RS 1003 in triode mode. For the Oris a three stage amp by using C3o - interstage - 45 - Interstage - VT-4-c (845). Interstage with amorphus core (Wil Blauw) output with Tango X-10-s. Phonostage is the old one with SRPP. pre pre is a CCCS mode Morrison amp with accu powersupply (tube in there is a ECC 88 or derivate).

Carsten's previous page can be found here