BMS, a very innovative German company is becoming more and more succesful, not only in the PA-industry, but also for use at home. For us their most interesting drive units are the co-axial compression drivers from which we use the 4592ND's ourselves in the Orphean MkII.

Why using PA loudspeakers at home? The answer is simple; PA drivers are made to be able to deliver pressure with the least distortion for good sound and therefore these drive units all have a high sensitivity and high power capabilities to be able to fill big places with sufficient sound pressure.

Making a lot of noise is the most easy thing to do, making it sound good is more difficult and here the quality becomes very important.

In our own listening room at home we do not need to play that loud and do not even need that much power... The other way around is that with quality high sensitive loudspeakers we have major overhead in power rating and a very high sensitivity which makes the sound soo much more relaxed without stress, never short of breath and dynamical as in real live!

Although such drivers as the BMS 4592ND's are as standard not optimal for use at home - mainly limited because of their use in the PA-industry - but their basic design gave us enough reason to do some research. We did manage to refine the standard design by fixing some mechanical flaws including a new filter design resulting in a very, very nice driver working as a true point-source with a full, clean, dynamical and detailed sound and an extreme sensitivity (114dB in the range from 270Hz to 22kHz).

You will probably have to hear it before you can believe it (!) but perhaps you shouldn't give it a try as from the moment you have experienced a good horn system, it will always hunt you until you finally have your own rig at home...

Note: It should be clear that the tuning of the BMS4592ND's and even more the new filter design only works optimal in combination with our Orphean horns and when completed with a quality bass design like our own Reference Compact.

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BMS 4592ND/8 (the pair)

BMS 4592ND/8 Click to open PDF-file

Modified, matched as pair and prepared for use in our Orphean system curing some inherent problems from the stock BMS drive units resulting in cleaner and less resonant output.

These drive units can also be used within other applications and other horns than the Orphean suitable to adapt 2" co-axial compression drivers.

The Orphean MkII crossover can then not be used as these are designed specificly for use in combination with the Orphean.

The price listed is for one pair excluding sales tax (i.e. VAT, Mwst., BTW) and shipping.

BMS 4592ND/8 Replacement parts (the pair)

BMS 4592ND/8 replacement parts

These replacement parts can be used to convert your 16ohm 4592ND/16 compression drivers to 4592ND/8 for use with our Orphean MkII filter or to repair if for some reason your drivers are broken.

All replacement parts are 8 ohms and standard sold as pair, if you need 16 ohm or a replacement for another BMS driver then please contact us for the available options.

Of course we can do the conversion or repair for you (at extra costs) but then we will need you to deliver your driver(s) to us.

The price listed is for one pair excluding sales tax (i.e. VAT, Mwst., BTW) and shipping.

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