Duelund Coherent
We are proud to be one of the dealers for Duelund Coherent Audio products. Not just for their high quality crossover parts but also for their cables made from pure silver with silk in oil isolation.


                 Duelund Coherent quality crossover parts

These are best sounding loudspeaker crossover parts available on the market and that is the reason why we use their products ourselves within our own systems.

VSF Capacitors: consists of aluminium, copper or silver foil and high-density paper in oil, soaked in pure mineral wax, treated with special lacquers made from natural materials and wrapped in paper.

Cast Capacitors: consists the same design as used for the Virtual Stack Foil (VSF) capacitors but impregnated during several days under high pressure creating a form with incredible damping properties and extreme mechanical stability. (available as pure copper or pure silver for speaker use and as the CAST 630v for DC-applications).

Standard capacitor sizes 0,01 uF - 50 uF other values available on request.

Resistors: consists of pure carbon and silver leads which has no sound of its own and it allows the drivers to perform at their very best. Standard sizes 0,47 ohm - 50 ohm other values available on request.

Cast Inductors: Duelund foil design and casted similar to the Cast Capacitors. Available as pure copper or pure silver with standard sizes 0,01 mH - 6,8 mH other values available on request.

And not to forget their cables (i.e. loudspeaker cable, interconnects but also hookup wire).

In case you need more information or a quote then please contact us.

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