Wolfgang Reiners, Germany

System overview...
The System:

- ORIS 150 with AER MD3 and transparent Phase Plug
- Horns finished in "Lavagrey" Pearl shade
- Subwoofer enclosure made from 24mm MDF
- LF18 X 400 / 8 Ohm RCF Bass drive unit
- The front covers of the Klipsch horns were made by a professional carpenter
- AER MD3 and Klipsch horn bass driver conected with Kimber 8TC loudspeaker cable
- WBT binding posts placed close to the back side of the ORIS 150
- Subwoofer amplifier - RAS 300 with special INOSIC crossover
- In heigth adjustable horn stand made of Aluminum/Acryl from Quidproquo Audio Systems
- Base plate for the Klipsch horn is decoupled with three Siliziumitrid balls

Side view...   Special constructed stand