Odd Magnus Bjerkvik, Norway

System overview...





  • Oris 200 with AER MD3 drivers
  • Oris 150 with BD15 bass driver
  • 30w chip-amp for the bass


  • Modified old ugly Quad II monoblocks
  • Audio Note DAC kit 2.1 signature level b
  • Audio Note L3 linestage
  • DIY cdpro2m cd drive
  • Some Duelund cables etc.

I have a dedicated room in the basement in which they were placed last year but since I live alone the setup is relocated to my living room.

Below is a picture from the basement. A dedicated AC line for the electronics. I sold the Audio Note Conquests some time ago. They were great with the Oris horns, but not completely silent.

System as it was before in the basement...


Odd Magnus