Arash Najafi, Iran

I listened to Klipsch Heritage line speakers the LaScala and Klipschorn for almost two decades and I always enjoyed their life-like presentation but there was always the hand-cupped honky sound in the midrange. On the other hand woofer folded horns are good as long as you don’t push them up to the limits so I looked for a horn with cutoff frequency as low that I could cross them before my LaScala woofer would get nasty.

LaScala with Oris 150

I was able to listen to a speaker based on Oris 150 and AER 8” drivers when I was traveling and I noticed how much open and natural they were sounding. There was no honkiness, no coloration at all. Just pure sound with all the impact and momentum I was looking for. Those speakers sounded effortlessly with a few vacuum tube watts. I felt I like to put Oris 150 on top of a horn woofer. After 2-3 years struggling to find the best way to buy the horns from Iran I finally got them. For the first try we managed to use the Oris 150 combined to a TangBand W8-1772 on top of a Klipschorn bass-bin. The combination of TangBand and Oris 150 is fantastic so for now I don’t see a point to look for something more expensive.

The sound is vivid, relaxed, lush and crispy. The vocals are straight to the face as I’m almost there.
I’m crossing them 250Hz 2nd order. Now the speakers are gone to a friend and he is waiting for his 211 tube amplifier.
Now we are working on two other speakers which Oris 150 will be the heart of them and we are going to use BD15 woofers in BR cabinet.

Thanks to Bert for his superb job. He is a nice gentlemen and really responsive and informative indeed.

Arash Najafi (LogicAudio)

Tehran – Iran