Bernd Hecker-Nietzard, Germany

Introducing the "GdHD" ( Giant d'Appolito Horn Device )

That's how Mr. Spock would most probably call this speaker! As you can see on the photo's I constructed the horn to be the "GdHD". It works brilliant with the two bass cabins per side with two(!) 10" woofers and a passive unit per cabin.

The bass bins are closed baskets made of metal covered with 10 layers of sand which I applied with regular paint until saturated. The second woofer inside is 180 degrees turned mounted with it's magnet to the magnet of the front driver to avoid the rise of partial vibrations.

The used passive cones (10" on top and 12" for the bottom) are cheap woofers with a soft suspension. I have cut the coils to prevent an induction break effect. The 12" passive cone is made more heavy with felt pats (30 gram) which resulted in a slightly deeper frequency response.

In order to prevent the horn to receive too much low frequencies I've added a passive crossover network to the Oris set at 200Hz/6dB.

So far the sound is fantastic, the horn gives a clarity and transparency I've never heard before. The ORIS horn really is a big thing!

At first I listened to the system passive (padding down the Oris with 12dB), now I'm running the system in active mode and that brings the real bang.

Bernd Hecker-Nietzard