Hanan Alon, Israel

I proudly use the Oris 150 horns with Lowther PM4A driver units.

I do enjoy them very much. The sound is something else then I was used to have. In three words: "INCREDIBLE LIVE PERFORMANCE". All my audiophile friends and visitors that hear them are amazed of their big 3-dimensional stage, clear, quick, uncolored, live, high definition, micro & macro dynamics and performance (none of horny sound & coloration).

Now it is very clear to me that I should match them with the perfect amp. , so I'm about to purchase a better one then I have at this moment. It will be the 2A3 SE Paraglow mono-blocks kit (a matter of saving money).

I do have to say that from my own experience it was better for me to buy the painted horns from you than to paint them in my country. It looks a bit expansive, but after you try to do the paint work properly, you realize that it is worth it.

I am now seeking for time to hear my music collection from the beginning, and they all sound as new recordings. I never respected the reproduced music as I do now. It seems, that I have all the emotions, soul, and alive rhythm I was so missing in stereo systems before.


After some time I relocated the Oris and that make the sound a huge step. I also ordered the TJ 300B 2.5V version ( instead of my Shino ones I am using at the moment ), I expect to get them in 3 weeks. This should add even more goods to present the sound and atmosphere! I made myself a passive pre amp using a Grayhill 24 positions mil. standard attenuator true Ladder configuration instead of my active pre amp and it makes the deference I expected and the last thing I made was my own new speaker cable and the result is super!

I make all system cables myself and even sell these to audiophiles like I am and get very good scores after comparing them to best and expensive brands. For me, the Oris-150 is still the best buy in all aspects, and they have a better sound compared to 10 times more expensive speakers. So, I'm very glad that I trusted you and your products, I choose the best with the least expenses.

Thank you Bert for all of it, and for the assistance I got from you.

Hanan Alon