Antonio Cinti, Italy



  • AER PM2MKII with BD-Design phase plugs and Oris 150 Horn
  • Klipschhorn bass crossed at 180 Hertz 12dB
  • Reimyo Ca 777 valve preamp
  • Reimyo Pa777 valve amp WE 300b + WE310 driver 7 watt
  • Reimyo CDP 777 CD-player
  • Reimyo ALS 777 power conditioner
  • Magnan signature interconnect cables with Bybee Golden Goddeness RCA interconnect
  • Magnan signature and Harmonix Studio Master power cord with Bybee PowerCharger
  • Magnan Signature speaker cables
  • Audio Art Vinyl One phono preamp and EAR the Head mc transformer
  • Teac 4000 turntable with Denon arm and Denon 103 pick up
  • Tube Traps and other accessories like Machina Dynamica Clever little Clock and Brillant Pebbles
  • Two Bybee power conditioner one for digital and one for the analogue.