While waiting for the BMS drivers... (Off Topic)

by Bert @, Thursday, March 30, 2006, 14:14 (3187 days ago)

Hi All,

I still did not receive the second BMS 4592ND driver to be able to listen in stereo and finally tune it all to a satisfying combination with the new Oris 250 horns. In the same shipment I should also receive the BMS 4590 drivers, just to see what the differenecs are between these.

Also still waiting for the Digital crossover with precise room EQ...

What to do when you're fully dependent on other people eh?

Well, I designed a new plug for the Oris horns (only tested with AER drive units) which seems to work much better than expected. It started as a joke (using the Karlson principle) but in the back of my head thinking that a tube without "length" could do something good.

With these plugs there is no need for the Crown either... :cool:

Here is a picture of the prototype...It is always good to try something completely different eh? :smile:


More about availability and final design soon...

Another experiment was done in the search for a very good sounding variable resistor but why not make your own?

Using carbon (like used in pencils) makes it possible to create resistor values from 0 to about 10 ohms. I needed something around 6.8 ohms and this did the trick very well. :grin:


Oh well, perhaps it is good that BMS' delivery is extremely slow, this way I can spend some of my time with experiments related to other things.



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