Singular with AER mk1 EQ-Network? (Singular)

by GC, Tuesday, December 06, 2005, 16:34 (4424 days ago) @ GC

Hi Lars,

Here is an EQ-filter you can try for your hybrid AER drive unit. Let me know what you like or dislike about it.


The filter is doing two things, it reduces the rising respons of the AER drive unit and it corrects the impedance after that. Your tube amplifier will like that...

It is possible that the reduction is too much, then the 18 ohm resistor has to be made smaller. If it isn't enough then the value should be increased.

The impedance correction has to be adjusted also if you change the vlaue of the 18 ohm resistor though but that can be optimised later when you're happy with the EQ.




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