Singular with AER mk1 EQ-Network? (Singular)

by GC, Thursday, December 08, 2005, 07:48 (4424 days ago) @ GC

Hi Garbage

The below graph is taken off
Rod Elliot's
. It shows rising impedance curve of a loudspeaker.


The graph shows an ac impedance plot of an ordinary driver.

The impedance raise is caused by induction in the voice coil. This will not affect the sound if there is no filter components in the system. It will however affect the amplitude linearity of a given amplifier. I.e. tube amps. This due to the rather high output impedance.

If you take a driver with a very strong magnetical field in the VC gap of the magnet system, the raise is less significant as the induction is reduced by the more saturated iron surrounding the VC.

Bert suggest to liniarlise the impendance with an RC curcuit in order to make the LR filter work better and more symetrical. Further it gives more optional "settings" as you have 4 components to play with instead of 2.
(Sorry Bert for anticipating what you had in mind with your filter)

Here is an example of a driver which has been corrected for both ac impedance and dc impedance caused by the serial components in the filter.
Nothing said about the sound.


Best regards


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