Compression drivers (News)

by GC, Friday, December 09, 2005, 17:47 (4422 days ago) @ GC

Hi Bert,

I think this is an excellent idea!

I agree with what has already been suggested, I just want to be a bit more specific about models.

I really think you should go with the BMS drivers. There seems to be three different options for 2" drivers from BMS:

1. BMS 4592 ND - their neodynium super-coax driver, that should be loading all the way down to - yes 300 Hz(!)

2. BMS 4590 - the cheramic version of the driver above.

3. BMS 4591 - the midrange version of the driver (whereas 1 and 2 should go to 20 k the 4591 is no coax and is only usable to about 6.300 Hz.)

The throat exits on these drivers should be identical.

Another mid-driver 2" drive you might consider is the vintage JBL 2482. This driver has a phenolic diaphram and loads well below 300 Hz - on the right horn that is - but caNot be used above 3-4 k. Please note that the JBL 2482 is slightly smaller than 2" in throat diameter.

I would really love to hear the BMS 4592 ND on that Oris 250 horn!!

Do you have any idea about the price for these horns?

Good luck with the project!!

All the best
Peter K


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