Adapters? No worries... (News)

by Bert @, Saturday, December 10, 2005, 10:42 (4422 days ago) @ Peter K

Hi Peter,

Please keep us posted about your experiences. If you go for the BMS coax
divers, then please try to use them all the way up to 20 k. I know they
will beam considerably at high frequencies, but if you sit pretty far away
(as I do) that might not be a big problem. In case it works, you will have
a very powerful point source from 300 Hz and all the way up :-)

I already did write an email to BMS asking for a "prototype" to play with, it would be nice if it will work properly all the way up and with high quality... :)

If it does then there is a filter to tweak and optimise for us home users. If it doesn't then a separated tweeter has to be used. Either way, the Oris 150/BD15 will be able to do the rest below.

Time will tell where it will end.


BD-Design - Only the Best!


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