Quasar MKII Questions (BD-Design)

by ALF, Sunday, January 01, 2006, 23:27 (4399 days ago) @ ALF

Just a couple questions.

Most OB designs I have seen have had a much thinner baffle. Is the Quasar II sandwich baffle 156mm thick to add mass to the structure or is there another reason. (Certainly these sandwiches aren't going to vibrate much :grin: )

If the weight of the baffle isn't important, could the inner sandwich layers be made from some other material, eg like dense cardboard, fibreboard, or (shudder) polystyrene? (I saw an OB on a web site where the baffle, except the driver support, was made from polystyrene foam sheet - I laughed a lot for a while, then I thought "why not?" - but I never tried it - wood is nice, wood is our friend).

The drivers in Quasar II sit in their own little tunnel-like compartments - does this form resonant spaces behind the drivers that affect the sound?
Do these speaker holes produce some sort of compression/'horn' loading on the back wave?

Sorry to plague with probably naive questions, but I'm an OB fan, and I am fascinated by these beauties! :cool:



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