Quasar MKII Questions (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Monday, January 02, 2006, 11:21 (4403 days ago) @ ALF

Hi Alf,

Most OB designs I have seen have had a much thinner baffle. Is the Quasar
II sandwich baffle 156mm thick to add mass to the structure or is there
another reason. (Certainly these sandwiches aren't going to vibrate much

This is to add mass and stifness to the panel for a more tight bass. The panel should not make its own sound for the cleanest reproduction, I only want to hear the drivers and not too much of the character of the panel itself.

That can sound pretty good though but those resonances also disturb...

The drivers in Quasar II sit in their own little tunnel-like compartments
- does this form resonant spaces behind the drivers that affect the sound?

Yes, but not by much, not disturbing at all and mainly present in the lower midrange.

Do these speaker holes produce some sort of compression/'horn' loading on
the back wave?

No, too much space and too short.



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