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by Bert @, Friday, January 06, 2006, 10:13 (4396 days ago) @ donroth

Hi Don,

Have you considered or looked into a 15" bass module design that would work
well with the compression driver+horn with a crossover at 600 Hz (rather
than 300 Hz)?

No, I never considered that as an option. I have heard several 1" compression drivers (also the 4001) with horn loaded bass systems that did not gave me any thrill. The high frequencies were very good, the low fequencies were very good but the most important thing for me was completely missing...

No integration at all like listening to two separate speakers all the time, which is very disturbing to me.

Furthermore, getting too low in frequency with a driver that is not too good there will increase distortion to unacceptable levels and might even damage the driver when you want to crank it up from time to time.

For better integration and for speed and dynamics in the low-mids it is best to cross as low as possible (with low distortion, good power handling, etc.) and use a driver that is capable to do this well. Only a 4" diaphragm as used within 2" drivers with some extra linear excursion will be capable to do this well if properly loaded on a well designed horn.

6.5 ft^3 cabinet from RCA that I stripped components out of with a 15"
TAD 1601c 'equivalent' but I suspect after everything is said and done,
this cabinet may not work all that great and I may have to start from

I don't think that this driver will be capable to mate an 1" compression driver that well. It will be too "slow" in the crossover range and besides that, its character will be too much different.



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