Compression drivers (News)

by donroth, Saturday, January 07, 2006, 03:44 (4393 days ago) @ Bert

Well I have the TAD4001 which is a 4" compression driver. Going to use with a Rey audio wood horn. Having the TAD woofer, I thought I would give the bass box I have a try. Horn loading the bass will not work according to some because I did think originally about something like an altec VOT bass bin which combines horn loading with bass reflex. But I think my only hope will be bass reflex. The TAD woofer frequency response is flat to 2000 Hz if you can believe that. I would love to crossover at 400 Hz but the recommendation is 600 Hz and as you say, that lower point might lead to distortion or even damage. I should be able to integrate the two, after all they are two TAD drivers and used in other systems (like Classic Audio Reproductions). The key though will be the crossover and bass box. The crossover I am first going to use is a digital dbx driverack to try to set the slope and frequency, and then either build or have built a passive one based on my experiments. Going to work on this as time permits over the next bunch of months.




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