Compression drivers (News)

by Bert @, Saturday, January 07, 2006, 10:09 (4393 days ago) @ donroth

Hi Don,

My BD15's go up to 5kHz and still I do not want to use them too high. When you're used to listen to the Oris horns low-mid performance in terms of clarity and speed then it is impossible for any bass drive unit to keep up with that in the same frequency range. That is what you'll hear when you do use big cones up to 600Hz.

Don't forget then when you cross at 600Hz that there is still disturbing audible information provided by the woofer up to 1200Hz, even if it is 18dB down.

This does not mean that it will always sound bad, but it can sound much better in terms of clarity, dynamics and integration.

I do not want to demotivate you though, I am only trying to explain what the limits are to your approach.



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