Fostex Fe206esr (BD-Design)

by xcortes @, Friday, February 17, 2006, 23:45 (4351 days ago) @ Bert

If things are good then things should stay...

Agree. I guess it's a marketing thing.

Looking at these (changed) specifications (the frequency curve) then I
have to say that these drivers might work very well in the Oris 150
horns). I have not heard them play though...

I do remember another frequency plot though (looking worse) which I have
downloaded before somewhere...

Someone at the high efficiency forum said that Madisound asked Fostex to correct this and fostex made a slight change to driver.

I'll think during the weekend if I buy these or if I wait a few months and buy the AER MD1s.

Let me ask you other questions regarding the bass units. I like the looks of LaScalas and I like a lot that the driver is enclosed (I have small kids). I might build these as my first bass units. I couldn't access the plans. Do you have a link to them?

Also what drivers do they work with? I guess the BD15 but what about some vintage Altec 515B or 515C.

I tried to find answers to this in the forum before asking but couldnĀ“t access the old files.




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