What about the Supravox Field Coils? (BD-Design)

by xcortes @, Monday, February 20, 2006, 16:53 (4348 days ago) @ xcortes

I currently use a pair of those in open baffles and love them. I could try those with the Oris 150. Mats Cunnars' system in the showroom uses them (well actually it shows the Alnico version). However he later admitted that:

"in reality had no highs to speak of at all. ( Sorry guys). Adding a supertweeter helped quite a bit, activating the CD EQ funtion on an active crossover made for a good balance, but ultimately the 215-2000 Alnico is not really suited for front horn loading. The Oris should be heard with a properly balanced driver i.e. AER".

Obviously my best bet would be to try the Oris with the Supravoxes that I already own but maybe I would be wasting the time and money put into building the Oris system by using a less than adequate driver.

Any opinions?



BTW in open baffle I do use Fostex t900A supertweeters so I could use them with the Oris/Supravox if needed.


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