Speakers with AER mkI + Supravox 285GMF (Off Topic)

by SoundOfMusic @, Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 10:54 (4298 days ago)


Got a pair of AER mkI and a pair of Supravox 285GMF.

Would appreciate suggeststions for speakers designs with this drivers.

I am allways open, to any suggestions, but have experienced a lot of designs, so I have an idea of my listening preferences.
This means I till now I did not find any speaker using BR, TL or what ever resonat system that I really liked and so I prefer aperiodic and closed enclosures - at least till now. Have no real experience with OB.

For the moment I also would prefer a passive design.

By the way, I read the AER mkI has a rising response on the heights, but the response graphs of AER donĀ“t show that!?

Many thanks in advance,


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