Speakers with AER mkI + Supravox 285GMF (Off Topic)

by Bert @, Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 13:01 (4304 days ago) @ SoundOfMusic

Hi Markus,

Would appreciate suggeststions for speakers designs with this drivers.

You could build the first Quasar which used the same drivers? Using a passive serial filter will work pretty well..

By the way, I read the AER mkI has a rising response on the heights, but
the response graphs of AER donĀ“t show that!?

Yes, the AERmkI has a rising respons but only on axis. You should listen about 5-10 degrees off-axis and then you'll have a pretty flat frequency curve.

Regarding published frequency plots, 99,5% of the manufacturers are showing much nicer (usually highly smoothened) frequency responses than they are in reality.



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