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by Bert @, Sunday, April 23, 2006, 19:53 (4286 days ago) @ Bert

.... about something being perfect.

My main goal in audio has always been to enjoy music but being a perfectionist I also wanted to create a system that is technically perfect, at least to my standards and critism. This does not mean that what I feel that is perfect will give you the same feeling.

Music is emotion and with the right feeling, the right environment, the right equipment, the right recording and the right emotional state of the listener is what makes music to come alive. Giving you the thrill to enjoy music!

Some people only need basic equipment to enjoy music, others do need more. Probably more and more when time passes but as long as things do not destract and pull you into the music then it is not needed to seek for a better or "ultimate" system as main goal. It usually is more fun to take little steps at the time and built things up accordingly simply because your own standards will usually change after a while.

At this moment I am extremely happy about the achieved "technical" results and this feeling is partly responsible why I love what I am hearing for being so perfect in everything. Who knows how I will feel about this "perfect" system after a few months... only time can tell.

It will be at least my Reference for things to come... :wink:

Nevertheless, please be welcome to explore the Oris Swing system, just to hear if this "wolf in sheep's clothing" gives you the same thrill as it gives to me at this moment.



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