Update Oris 250 with compression drivers (BD-Design)

by GC, Monday, April 24, 2006, 21:35 (6066 days ago) @ Bert

Hi all....

I have been visiting Bert this weekend to learn more about his findings with the new ORIS 250 horns as well as checking out the BMS drivers capabilities.

I will split my comments in two:

ORIS 250/AER MD3/new phase plug:

Compared to my own 200's this horn/driver combo shows much more openness, more free highs and a quite bigger listening window. This said without any sacrifice has been made on the tonal warmth etc.
The image depth has been considerably improved due to less directivity. The slightly pronounced horn "honk" in the 200's has completely disappeared.

So for all AER lowers here is really something to go for. I would not hesitate to upgrade my horn right away. Never have the MD3's sounded more free and tonal correct, now able to show it's full potential.

I assume the qualities of the 250's will cover Lowther and Fostex drivers as well.

Bravo Bert. You have again lifted the enjoyment of fullrange drivers to a new level.


ORIS 250/BMS 4592ND compression drivers:

I have never ever in my entire life heard anything like it.......and that is to my big surprise.

Let me put it this way: I had rather big reservations prior to my arrival to Berts place. First of all I heard very few compression driver/horn combos that didn't somehow sounded harsh, over emphasised in the mid's and were sounding "horny". One of the few I heard sounding somehow OK was the TAD drivers. (Costs half a space shuttle).
Nevertheless no bass system could ever "follow" the speed of the compression drivers as all of those caNot reach lower than 500-800 Hz. (Except the wild GOTO drivers etc).

As I knew Berts new 250's in the 2" throat version is relatively deep, I had fears that this could not go completely right. Could the treble travel unhurt through the horns? Would it be coloured?

My fears were shamely put to bed by the new combo. Huhhh....my Goodness.

They excels in any department showing extremely high resolution, low distortion, extreeeeeeeeem dynamics, tonal balance, excellent stereo image in wide, height, depths and "to die for" correct timbre.
I don't know how to describe this horn as I have used all my vocabulary in praising the ORIS 250/200 with AER's for their wonderful merits. But I have to redefine my words now.

I heard the new combo in the SWING set-up. The SWING bass matches the speed and tone of the 250/BMS perfectly. Seamless cross-over, one whole point source is in front of you.

So what is left? A musical experience that transcend what I have heard through my 52 years old life.
This system takes sound reproduction into a completely new dimension. A new reference is born.

I can only recommend as many of you as possible to go to Bert and listen. You really have to hear this by yourself.



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