Update Oris 250 with compression drivers (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Tuesday, May 02, 2006, 10:27 (4278 days ago) @ wsin

Hi ws,

Thanks for the reply. When are you going to market these horns and thoughts on pricing?

As soon as all things are sorted out then these will be marketed. The price for the horns will be the same as for the other series (854 Euro the pair excluding VAT and excluding shipping costs). The final assembly construction is finished and already available. The last final tweaks to the filters are almost done and when the final layout and the price for the needed parts for the filters are calculated then I will upload all information to my website.

In principle people can buy just the horns as complete DIY-kit or as package deal with filter and BMS driver included. Filters will not be sold without the drivers and only usefull in combination with the Oris 250 horns, these filters are tuned to the driver itself and will receive the same serial number as the driver.

The first ordered compression driver horns are already at the painter along with the Oris 250 for 6,5" drivers and for 8" drivers, when these are back (2 weeks) then I can take some nice pictures to show them to the public.

It won't be long now! :smile:



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