Introducing the Orphean (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Sunday, May 28, 2006, 22:55 (4252 days ago) @ Peter K

Hi Peter,

The new Orphean sure looks great

Thanks... :smile:

Do you have the price for a pair of the 2" Oris250 horns + modified 4592ND drivers + filters?

Yes, I have. Here is the list with options:

Orphean DIY (the pair):

550 - only filters (standard averaged for use in the Oris 250)
854 - only horns
1.100 - modified BMS 4592ND/8 drivers
2.197 - complete package (modified drivers, tuned filters and DIY horns)

Systems plug and play (the pair):

3.197 - Orphean without bass system
5.989 - Orphean including Compact bass system (completed with build-in BD30 amplifier and tuned filter)

Both finished options as shown with free choice in colour and veneer. All prices are excluding value added tax and shipping.

The system plays from 30Hz to 22kHz (crossing at 220Hz). If other bass systems are going to be used then these have to be acoustically time aligned and crossed at 220Hz/24dB LR) for correct phase and integration.



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