Amp's upon amp's (Off Topic)

by GC, Wednesday, March 07, 2007, 19:02 (3971 days ago) @ soundcheck
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Hi Klaus

Perhaps you'll have a look at

Done that time ago and I know quite some of the products which came out of the same Mr. Clausens hands. I even had some of his products running in my system years ago. (I shall leave the "why it's not still there" out here).

People in DK who heard his modules doesn't report back any revolutions here compared to other brands.

But now Klaus and other good Folks around here maybe can explain me why D-amp and T-amp manufactores (though not UcD) tell me, that I caNot use those amps with a line filtered plate amp as the SWINGs has and all the most ORIS/BD 15/BD30 combos has, if I take the signal from the speaker terminals of the D, T etc. amps?[/i]

The NuForces obviously underlined that.

Cheers to you as well



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