Just the horn... (Orelo/Orelino)

by Bert @, Friday, July 20, 2012, 10:48 (2007 days ago) @ Frode

Will you release drawings of it?

Probably basic drawings yes but results may vary a lot as it is not just a horn panel with four BD15 bass drivers mounted in there...

As long as I can have guarantees that people do not fire back their own failures and blame me for that then I do not see a problem.

Precise details about everything will not be given yet, first I want to see what reactions I will get during the High-End show the 29th-30th of september as I am looking for a more commercial road for this system.

But the basic used principle is simple, if you make something close to this then you'll have at least 75% of the desired performance in the pocket.

In the drawing below showing 123 should be 1230mm and 17 should be 170mm :blush:




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