Copycats... (BD-Design)

by Ivo @, Netherlands, Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 17:32 (1281 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert,

I think you only fall for it if you have very limited knowledge.

I have built about four pairs of wooden fronthorns and maybe three pairs of cardboard horns before that. Little changes can have dramatic effects. Different woord, different shapes, more or less exterior damping. I get nice results, but never close to Oris performance.

I have talked to you a few times about the Oris horns. You know exactly why it is designed a certain way, you know exactly why you made each design decision. It's all about the sound. Maybe a bit about finishing. :smile:

People should realise it's not just about the basic shape, it's as much about material, thickness, suspension, damping, tricks to adapt to a certain drive unit, etc. etc. etc.

Much respect for your products.


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