amps for the horns (BD-Design)

by RobsterD @, UK, Friday, June 05, 2015, 22:09 (958 days ago) @ Don Reid

I have gone through a few amps to find my best combo.
bought and sold the following
Allnic A5000 300B
Audio Projekte CA10
Bel canto S125
Bel canto ref1000
Almarro  A318 B
Audio Note Conqueror silver 300B
Audio Note Vindicator silver 2A3
John Howes PX25
maatamp 45
Fi X3 300B
Welborne DRD45
Welborne DRD 300
Ming Da MC805-A

also tried all these
Allnic  A6000
Yamamoto A0-8S
Lampizator GM70
Bakoon AMP-12R
Audio Note Conquest 300B monos 
ECOFAN Sound 6A3
Digital Do Main B-1A

But for a bit of DIY thought I'd build some mono SIT amps as featured on the DIY Audio forums still using them ,sound is somewhere inbetwwen a good 45 and 300B SET

by far the best valve amp I tried was the Ecofan but got so hot and now unfortunately its designer Murray has sadly passed away

would love to try Thomas Mayer's amps

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