rear cover of Oris 150 (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 22:53 (693 days ago)

Is the design of this horn so that the rear cover always needs to be used or can it also perform good without ? [ with the driver in free air on the back per owner's choice ?].

Looking at the rear cover that came with mine, somebody in the past has even tried different inner volumes by raising the rear cover and drilling new holes...

From what I understand the rear cover is mounted with the open end against the backside of the horn and sealed permanently to it, the rear lid detachable for mounting the driver.
In my rear covers the rear lid is glued into place; the whole cover only comes off by unscrewing it from the MDF ring that holds the driver.

Do I actually need a new rear cover with the back removable, attached to the horn and sealed?


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