Orphean M5 'Just Right'.......... (BD-Design)

by Jeroen, Friday, October 13, 2017, 15:16 (100 days ago) @ Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I can highly recommand the M5 filter. Bert send me a pair some months ago. When I swithed them with the M3 filters I was shocked. They sound so much better than the m3's; extended high tones, clearer midrange and bigger soundstage. Besides that the new filters make the Orphean horns even more senstive. (I had to turn up the volume of my chip amps for the bass by 4 dB.

The Orphean horns are powered by an 300b set amp. Recently I changed tubes, I had JJ 300b's first, I put Elrog 300b's ($) in. Although the Elrog tubes are fantastic, they made by far not such an improvent in my system as the new M5 filters do.



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