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by Bert @, Friday, October 13, 2017, 20:29 (95 days ago) @ Kevin

So do you prefer the 16 Ohm Drivers over the 8 Ohm Drivers? --- In other words how much of the upgrade to the M5 System will I end up with; adding these crossovers?

No preference.. the 16 ohm combo is just a bit more mild on amps that do not like low impedance dips.

The 8 ohm version' lowest impedance is 3.5 ohms, the 16 ohm version shows 7 ohms as absolute lowest impedance and therefore more easy on the amp at those frequencies giving 6dB more headroom before it fails.

But that is only when you try to reach for the limits (ie playing loud like an idiot), normal users will be more than okay with both versions.


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