Its nice here (Off Topic)

by Bert @, Thursday, January 04, 2007, 00:45 (4032 days ago) @ GC

Very nice indeed.
And big, I am a
bit lost. That red
"online" sign, can you
hear what I am playing Bert?

Hi Mats,

What do you mean by big? There are some extra options available now for the people who might find it useful. This board gives all that has been asked for and nothing more. There are even bigger boards which are truely big and very hard to work with, this one is nice without making you feel lost (after you're used to it). Its like building speakers the way I do, less is more without leaving away things needed to have a balanced sound... :Y:

I can't hear your music playing when we both are "on-line", perhaps we can implement this in the future...? :-)




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