Field coil HELP !!!!! (Off Topic)

by GC, Sunday, January 23, 2005, 22:47 (4742 days ago)

Hi All,

Please can somebody enlighten me as to how to make these drive units work. I have a pair of Graetz BV8070 field coil 8" units. When i hooked up my amp to them all i get is sound somewhere between a whisper and quiet talking. The guy i bought from tells me that the voltage needs changing to 100v???? I have a 10w/channel amp . What do i need to do to get these working with my amp? Sorry if this seems dumb but i dont really know where to start !!! Any help would be appreciated. I will try to get some pics up of them. But i can email them to anyone who can help.


I have the pictures here now , at least.

Kind regards


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