fostex FE206 in front horn (BD-Design)

by GC, Thursday, February 03, 2005, 23:26 (4730 days ago) @ GC

I have built a square front horn similar to what Bert had built prior to
the current round Oris horn. The FE206 in it sounds nice, but it seems to
have a dip in frequency response in the 1.6K to 2.5K range. I think the
square shape of the throat is causing cancellation and therefore a dip.
Bert what would you suggest I could do to minimize cancellation in the
square throat?


How did you mounted the driver to the throat? Can you show a picture of that?

To prevent severe standing waves is not to use a square throat so an option could be to split the throat by thin walls or such...another thing you can do is to add damping in the corners (some triangle shaped pieces of foam).

If you have a dip then you also have a peak (like most resonances caused by standing waves). Can you show a frequency plot?




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