fostex FE206 in front horn (BD-Design)

by GC, Friday, February 04, 2005, 05:01 (4732 days ago) @ GC

How did you mounted the driver to the throat? Can you show a picture of

very close to the throat, I mounted the speaker on a piece of 19mm MDF and attach the MDF to the back of the throat, making the rim of the fostex almost touching the back of the flange of the horn throat.


To prevent severe standing waves is not to use a square throat so an
option could be to split the throat by thin walls or such...another thing
you can do is to add damping in the corners (some triangle shaped pieces
of foam).

If you have a dip then you also have a peak (like most resonances caused
by standing waves). Can you show a frequency plot?

I dont have a plot, but here is some rough measurement using test CD warble tone and radioshack SPL meter. Meter located 11 feet from horn

6000 75
5000 73
4000 74
3000 71
2500 72
2000 73
1600 72
1200 73
1000 74
800 78
600 77
500 80
400 82
300 77
250 83
200 83
160 82




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